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A message from the Chair

Dear NIVAS Members,

I hope you all managed to get some rest over the Christmas holidays. I know how busy its been with the recent increased activity due to COVID 19. I hope you have all stayed safe and well. As you know, 2020 was a very challenging year and the value of you and your vascular access teams should not be underestimated. Our clinical speciality has come into its own during this pandemic and the services you all provide have been recognised as vital in the treatment of our sickest COVID 19 patients, you may not hear it as often as you should but just want to say you’re your all amazing and brave and without your IV, PICC, Vascular Access services, patient care would be worse off.

I am disappointed that NIVAS was unable to achieve our goal of launching the educational program and the national guidelines in 2020. I hope to continue work on these in the coming months, pandemic allowing. Our AGM which was booked for January has been pushed back to Thursday 25th February and will on a virtual platform, we will combine this with an education webinar and this will of-course be free for you to participate in.

We will be planning our national conference again this year and some online study days which will be free for our members and of course you will continue to get your free BJN IV supplement. NIVAS is continuing to represent your interests by participating in various national projects such as the Device related Infection Prevention Practice (DRIP) project, MEDUSA, NICE and ANTT

That’s all from me for now. I hope you all have the opportunity to get your vaccines sooner rather than later and continue to stay safe an well. If myself or the board can help you in any way please do not hesitate to send us an email.

Kind Regards

Andrew Barton, NIVAS Chair

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Welcome to NIVAS

Welcome to the website of NIVAS, the independent and multi-professional society specialising in vascular access and infusion therapies.

NIVAS is the first independent multi-professional society to be founded in the UK in this century. It is the new voice for all those involved in vascular access and infusion therapies. The society was founded in July 2009 in order to promote excellence in this specialised field of patient care. We believe that we can advance practice through communication, collaboration and education.

As infusion therapy and vascular access continues to evolve, there is a need, now more than ever, for a co-ordinated approach to practice amongst healthcare professionals across the UK. The formation of a society and an annual conference is vital to ensure success in the specialty and quality care for patients. NIVAS hopes to engage nurses, anaesthetists, radiologists, microbiologists, pharmacists and other health professionals involved in the insertion and management of vascular access and infusion therapy.

NIVAS recognises the important role that you as an individual can play in advancing this specialty and would encourage your involvement with the society.

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