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Paul Lee
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NIVAS would like to introduce Paul Lee, who has just joined the NIVAS Board.

I’m a healthcare scientist and started my NHS career in 1986 after completing a 4-year apprenticeship in electronic engineering in what is now the University of South Wales, Treforrest. I’ve worked in major NHS hospitals in South Wales including; Cardiff Royal Infirmary, University Hospital of Wales, The Royal Glamorgan Hospital and in 2003, started a new role as the lead for medical device training in Swansea Bay University Health Board

I’ve written and published many articles on equipment management and my research work around infusion therapy and presented this at many national and international conferences. I’ve delivered over 10,000 training places to all grades of staff and lead the Intravenous therapy-training programme in Swansea Bay. I’ve written many policies, procedures and guidelines as well as designing training courses and competency assessments.

In 2017, I was seconded to NHS Improvement as the Patient Safety Lead for Medical Devices, and worked on several key projects, including; neuraxial connectors, medical device incidents, coroners reports on alcohol hand gel and portable oxygen cylinder safety.

I’m a member of the National Medical Device Safety Officer (MDSO) Editorial Board and the National Patient Safety Response Advisory Panel (NatRAP) who meet regularly to review incidents across the UK and suggest actions to help reduce risk and share patient safety alerts.

In 2011, I helped set up the National Association of Medical Device Educators and Trainers (NAMDET) and currently the Chair and lead for the website. I am also consultant editor of the MDET journal for this not-for-profit association with 1,500 members across the NHS, Industry and Academia

In 2020, I led the NAMDET project team culminating in the publication of the ‘6 Position Statement on Dose Error Reduction Systems and Smart Infusion Pumps’ in the UK and continue to meet with key industry and NHS leads around the implementation of safer infusion pumps and drug libraries for patient safety.

I’ve been a member of NIVAS since it started and I’m an active member of the Institute of Physics and Engineering in Medicine (IPEM) culminating with our team winning a prestigious ‘President’s Gold Medal’ in 2021 for our team’s exceptional service during the Covid pandemic.

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